A quiet time of year

Presently we are experiencing the quietest time of our year, the weeks in the run up to Christmas, it is unusual for us not to have someone staying at Tory Bush most weekends and apart from a last minute booking this evening we would have been entirely empty this weekend.

These customers are a young couple on there third visit this year, and they have asked for Number 6 our loft apartment and indeed asked had the new balcony been fitted which it has. However I can not see anyone sitting out on it over this weekend, it has been what I think is unseasonably cold here over the last week or so. Today the temperature failed to rise above 3 or 4 degrees centigrade. I will put a few chairs on the balcony just in case they decide to brave the elements.

Apart from my strong ‘Green’ credentials I would say roll on Global Warming.

Actually what alarms me most about global warming is the lost of species of animals and plants. There are lots of predictions out there and I am sure some are scaremongering, but two I note are that up to 30% of land birds species will be extinct by 2100 and the number of Polar Bears will be reduced by two thirds by 2050, just over 40 years from now.

What is causing this is the speed of change, there have been climatic changes before, such as the last Ice Age, but species have had time to react, now the increase in temperature is too rapid. There is television footage of the polar ice-caps literally melting in front of the camera. Europe has it’s first Desert in Southern Spain and it is expanding.

I recall that there was a recent news item about the decrease of a certain bird species around Rathlin Island, the Puffin I think, and this was attributed to global warming affecting the supply of it’s food, a certain type of fish that itself was in decline or it’s migratory path had been altered by the changing temperatures. It did not have to come as far south to reach warmer waters as it used to I think.

But I will do a little research on this and firm up my facts in a later blog.

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