Terms & Conditions

1. Contract   A contract shall be established between the hirer and the cottage owner based on the information provided by the hirer at time of booking; any variation in this information can render the contract null and void and discharge the owner of any liability to make a cottage available to the hirer on arrival. The contract will be on the basis of the hirer reading and accepting these Terms and Conditions of hire.

2. The occupants of the cottages must be named on the booking form and any change in these occupants must be notified to the owner. If the persons listed on the booking form change during the hire period then the contract is deemed null and void and a new contract has to be established with a consequent new tariff applicable.

3. The Hirer.   The cottage is only to be used by the people named on the booking form. The hirer must be one of the persons occupying the cottages and the hirer must be 21 or older.

4. Number of Persons.   The number of persons in the cottages must not exceed the sleeping capacity of the cottage and/or the number agreed at time of booking. If a discount is given for under-occupancy the full tariff becomes payable if there are more than the agreed number of occupants for any one night throughout the hire period.

5. No Parties.   The cottages are only to be used for proper holiday use, the cottages are not to be used as an alternative party venue.

6. Visitors.   Visitors are not permitted at the holiday cottages at any time.

7. Dogs and pets.   We are sorry but we do not accept pets at the cottages.

8. Unsuitable Hirers.   We reserve the right to decline a booking or to to refuse to hand over a cottage to any person who in our opinion is not suitable to take charge. In this case the hire fee shall be refunded in full and the contract shall be discharged without further liability on either party. We also reserve the right to repossess the cottage at any time where damage has been caused or in our opinion likely to be caused by the hirer or any member of the hirer’s party. In such case we shall not be liable to make a refund of any portion of the hire fee paid.

9. Comfort of Fellow Guests.   We further reserve the right to repossess a cottage at any time where the behaviour or activities of the hirer or any member of the hirer’s party spoil or impact on the comfort or enjoyment of other cottage occupants. In such case we shall not be liable to make a refund of any portion of the hire fee paid.

10. Hirers Property.   The owners do not accept any liability for loss of or damage to personal effects, baggage, vehicles or vehicle accessories, or any other item belonging to the hirer or any member of the hirer’s party.

11. Occupation.   Cottages are available for occupation after 4p.m. On the day of arrival and must be vacated by 11a.m. on the day of departure.

12. Cancellation.   In all cases of cancellation the booking deposit will be forfeited. If the booking is cancelled within 28 days of start date and we are unable to re-let the cottage there will be no refund of of any part of of the hire fee. Holiday cancellation insurance to cover all eventualities is available.

13. Environment   In keeping with our own Environmental policy and the Requirements of our local Authority we ask that all customers comply with our environmental request sheet displayed in each cottage. Indeed by signing the booking form on reading these Terms and Conditions it is implied that the hirer will comply with these requirements, in particular recycling of refuse.