Houses 5 & 6

Houses 5 & 6 – traditional Barn and upper loft apartment

These are built as a traditional Barn with an external stone staircase leading to number 6 which is in effect an upper loft apartment.

These buildings are at the centre of the complex and painted blue with yellow windows and doors. There is ample parking for at least 2 cars per house opposite the building along the hedge.

This large building is literally divided horizontally with Number 5 entirely on the ground floor and has a gentle 1 in 20 ramp leading to the front door and number 6 is above with the stone staircase giving access.

Each house have identical lay-outs, they have two large bedrooms, sleeping a maximum of 4 persons, each with two 3 foot twin beds that can be zipped together to form a large 6 foot double bed. One bedroom has an en-suite shower-room and the other has a was hand-basin. Of the corridor there is a bath-room with toilet and wash-hand-basin. In number 5 the en-suite shower-room is disabled accessible.

There is a large sitting-room with an open fireplace and a kitchen leading off to the left of the fireplace.

In the Kitchen of number 5 there is a large fridge freezer, washing-machine and a 4 setting dishwasher. Part of the work surface has been lowered with open access underneath to permit wheel-chair use if required.

In house 6 there is a similar sized kitchen with similar appliances except that instead of a fridge-freezer, there is a fridge with an ice-box.

Each of these two bedroom houses have different benefits and may suit different uses.

House 6 being that little bit higher up has excellent views of the mountains and is extremely private, it is favoured by couples and indeed is booked out most weekends of the year by many couples on a returning basis. Being upstairs it has no direct use of a garden, though the open areas of the grounds are at the disposal of all guests, however we have added a large 7 squ. metre balcony that permits excellent views of the mountains and can be used for Al Fresco dining.

House 5, being on the ground floor has direct access to a large private garden that is entirely secure and ideal for young children, this garden is accessible by wheelchair users by using the main door and sloping path along side of house, indeed the picnic bench has a recess to permit a wheelchair to be brought right up to the table.