Blogging from a Blackberry

This a first blog from a Blackberry phone so need to see if it works. This third attempt so going to publish now.

I have aquired a new Blackberry phone and it has the capability to go on the internet anywhere either directly or via a WiFi hotspot, and thankfully I have 3 of those one at Tory Bush and one at Dundrum Bay Holiday Homes and one at my own home. This means that I should be able to blog more frequently as can do it when ever I have any free time and not just when in the office at Tory Bush.

The first sentence above was uploaded from the Blackberry, I admit it not a significant sentence but then all modern soundrecording  from Wax Cylinders through 78’s, 45 singles, CD’s DVD’s and even MP3 players began with the sentence “Mary had  a little lamb” , spoken by Edison when  he first recorded sound on the 6th of December 1877, so perhaps there is hope for this blog.

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