How others see us

I have a facility on my computer called Google Alerts which lets me know during the period of a week if the term Mourne Mountains is used on the Web, either on a new website, a blog or an online article say from a newspaper. Anyone can use this facility via Google for any interest they may have, eg ‘Line dancing’, ‘Origami’, ‘ Neil Diamond’ ,’ Formula One racing’, ‘Humane Slaughter’, or London Transport; now one of the previous is actually another of of my alerts, I will let you ponder on which.

Well the content below is a description of Northern Ireland from a website that is trying to sell ‘Vacations’ Worldwide, I don’t know where it is based but I think it has used a generic description of Northern Ireland written in their own language and then used an online translation facility to translate it back into English. This has led to the word Metropolis being used instead of City when referring to Belfast and the Giants Causeway being described as the Good Causeway. It makes for a fun read but the essential message is still there.

“One or more of the four countries of the United Kingdom is Northern Ireland. This 14,000-square-mile area has a temperate oceanic climate. English Irish and its official languages, although their dialect of English has been influenced by the Scottish.

Northern Ireland has a great scenic mountains and one of the most famous may be the Mourne Mountains. This has been the inspiration of the famous author CS Lewis in his novel Children The Chronicles of Narnia. Numerous activities can be as the famous Mourne Mountain conducted a walk, hiking, fishing, horseback riding and more.

The water resources and networks are also a paradise in Northern Ireland. Several rivers and do Lough (lake) are as Bush River and Lough Neagh scattered throughout the country, where you can travel especially cruising, fishing or take it by foot or bike.

be far more than 40,000 of polygonal columns of basalt layers, which are guided by a volcanic eruption happen to the interest of tourists visit the good Causeway. The mean Percentage of the coastal road offers a breathtaking perfect hexagonal layers. This led to the Causeway declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The capital Metropolis, Belfast, can be the household with the famous ship Titanic. Located in the center of the city, the Cathedral Quarter in the center of attention of culture, architecture and Cooking was. Belfast is also the world-class interactive Science Discovery Centre, the W5, in addition to the ancient yet vibrant and colorful St. George’s Market. The Metropolis is also home to a large number of gourmet restaurants, chic bars and shopping centers.

The Walled City of Derry, the only surviving in Ireland, is a of the largest walled cities of Europe. The landmark building, popular walls and panoramic views Foyle charm lots of visitors. The targeted visitors for free and relaxing trails and roads from the Foyle Valley, it produces an award-winning bike path.

Where do you want to travel in the world? For an idea of where to go on your next vacation, visit While you are on the site, also take a look at things to do in Ireland.”

Coincidentally on Google Alerts, two weeks ago, I came across a description of the Mourne Mountains on another world wide Vacation site and it is one of the best I have ever seen, I hardly recognised the place and I live here. I will post this on a second blog; the only down side is that the have titled the article ‘MOURN Mountains’

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