Our Carbon Reduction activities at Tory Bush Cottages.

At Tory Bush we strive to minimise our Environmental impact so that guests can enjoy a ‘guilt free’ holiday knowing that thier visit is adding next to no Carbon to the environment.

We have installed Solar Evacuated Tubes to heat the Hot Water for our laundry so for most of the year the hot water is heated by the sun and on the occasions when the sun is not shining the system is supplemented by our Wood Biomass boiler. This is an almost perfect symmetry, as we get busier through the spring and summer and produce more laundry, the days get longer and sunnier with a consequent increase in the hot water produced by the evacuated tubes. What with us drying as much of the towelling and heavier fabrics on clothes lines, only using the LPG powered Tumble driers to ‘fluff’ up the towels the environmental impact of our laundry is almost zero in terms of energy use and consequent Carbon production.

We heat all the cottages using a a District Heating Network fuelled by Wood Pellet which is a by-product of Construction Timber production at Northern Ireland’s largest sawmill.

The Electricity for the Cottages are produced by Photovoltaic Panels producing a maximum of 6.25kWh on bright days, this is more than sufficient to provide 90% of the electricity for the cottages across the year. The remaining 10% of the electricity is bought from NIE on their green Tariff which they purchase from 100% renewable sources, Wind turbines etc.

To learn more about the process of how we arrived at this mix of Renewable Technologies at Tory Bush please click on the link below which will open a pdf of the feasibility study we conducted prior to installation.

Tory Bush Cottages Feasibility Study

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