Our first Blog

Today has been eventful, apart from Barack Obama becoming the 44th President of America this is the first day of the Tory Bush Blog.

Blogging has been recommended by our web-site designer Andrew Kane of Ardnet as a good means of letting people know about the every day events at Tory Bush. These ‘people’ could be past guests, prospective guests or people who just come across the blog as a consequence of  a ‘Google’,  or similar, search.

In case you are one of the latter I should explain that Tory Bush are a group of self-catering holiday cottages located in one of the most scenic parts of Northern Ireland, over looking the Mourne Mountains, there is more info on our website www.torybush.com .

The Mourne Mountains are a small range of Mountains no more than 12 miles long with the highest peak Slieve Donard only 849 metres high, about 2785 feet, and made world famous by the song ‘The Mountains of Mourne’ written by Irish song-writer Percy French. This song is still bing recorded by singers today and one of the most famous versions was by Don Mclean (of American Pie fame)  in 1974. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mountains_of_Mourne

A good site to learn more about this area is www.mournelive.com
I hope you have enjoyed this first blog


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