Route to Trassey Track

Follow the pink-coloured route from Tory Bush Cottages to the Trassey Track the main entry point to the Mountains.

Leave Tory Bush Cottages by walking down through the large garden at the front of the cottages to a wooden gate and then follow a little path along a stone wall to our picnic area and then down some steps to a little bridge over the stream and out on to the main road by a green gate.

Cross over the main Hilltown Road to the Trassey Road directly opposite the green gate, walk down this road about 500metres to the iconic Trassey Humpback bridge.

Walk another 400 metres uphill further along Trassey Road until you come to the ‘Cecil Newman’ carpark and just past that is a traditional Mourne Farmhouse and outbuildings, to the right of that are two green gates this is the beginning of the Trassey Track leading up into the Mournes and access to the central mountains by the Hares Gap.

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