Rules and Regulations

I attended an agricultural Diversification on Friday last and a speaker emphasised the importance of blogging and what he called micro-blogging  by which he means Twitter. So I have resumed this blog  and will consider twitter.

The first topic is rules and regulations .

The reason I pick this topic is because I was watching a TV progamme on Sunday night about the Solar System and the presenter was staying in a motel in Mid America as he   was following Twisters to show the phenomena of    ‘Conservation of Angular Momentum’ which spinning theory can be applied as much to the circular pattern of our solar system as to a Tornado.

On the wall of the motel were two signs with two Rules, the first said ‘No Hunting Dogs in the Rooms’ and the second said ‘Game not to be cleaned or gutted on the beds’. That got me to thinking about the rules each accommodation provider has to apply in their particular circumstances. In ours is the rule that we do not permit visitors to the cottages at any time. We do that because at times the number of persons on our site could practically double if visitors were permitted and this can cause problems with some guests who come down for a tranquil time. There is also the problem of exploitation where people may rent a cottage and their relatives camp near by but spend all their time on our site. It is our belief that only the persons who are paying are entitled to be on the site and those that are paying are right to be aggrieved if others are there without paying. Tory Bush is more than just a place to sleep but there is an ambiance about the whole site and some regard it is a privilege to be there.

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